We kindly invite you to take a part in trainings of carpet washing process.

Trainings of carpet washing process are devoted to:

– carpet laundry owners,
– customer service representatives,
– equipment maintenance representatives.

Our trainings are designed for:

– people already running carpet laundry, who would like to expand their knowledge and skills,
– people who are just going to start a business in the field of washing carpets.


Training programme contains:

1. Basic issues.
2. Stages of washing carpets.
3. Proper use of detergents, etc.
4. Proper use of machinery and equipment.
5. Wash in practice.
6. The value of the customer and its importance for the company.
7. Customer complaints.

Training features:

Meetings are conducted in the form of a lecture combined with a multimedia presentation and practical classes. Trainings can be also performed upon customer request at her/his carpet laundry. The most important for the company, it is primarily well-trained employee, who skilfully use the acquired knowledge in action. Therefore just today take advantage of our training!