Rug and carpet washing machine RE-3004 SIMPLE

The usage of RE-3004 SIMPLE gives you the possibility to:

  • wash carpets on the surface less than 5m2,
  • reduce water usage,
  • perform comfortable cleaning process of carpets with long hair and with fringes,
  • save money on spare parts due to the very durable components.


Catinet automatic rug and carpet washing machine RE-3004 SIMPLE an extraordinary level of wash quality compering with 'traditional’ method. Machine combines several complex and patented cleaning processes: dipping, brushing, rinsing and rolling carpet.

The carpet is transported on a conveyor belt passes four stages of washing.

At the first stage detergent is applied on a carpet. The detergent is taken directly by the pump from the canister. The amount of detergent can be dosed depending on the type and degree of soiling of the carpet.

At the second stage a carpet is treated with brushes. Rotating brushes slide on a trolley that moves brushes from one side to the another. Trolleys are equipped with a compressed air system. It allows you to adjust brush pressure on a carpet (from 0 to 60kg on the trolley.) Therefore a machine allows you to clean even very delicate carpets. Besides that you can change the direction of rotation of the brush. Hence no hair is deformed and twisted in one direction.

At the third step a carpet is rinsed. Two moving jets rinse the residual high pressure in the carpet detergent.

At the fourth stage, a carpet is rolled up and ready to be introduced to the wringing machine.

In practice, this type of device requires ONLY one operator to clean the carpets in the laundry.


  • free standing equipment
  • Possibility of washing several carpet at the same time
  • Regulation of brush pressure (this function allows to clean delicate carpets, very dirty carpets and carpets with long hair – shaggy type carpets)
  • Regulation of brush rotation speed (it allows to clean delicate carpets)
  • Adjusting the amount of detergent depending on carpet’s type and degree of carpet’s soil level
  • Adjusting the feed rate of the carpet – to clean heavily soiled carpets
  • Adjusting the feed direction of the carpet (forwards/backwards)
  • Working width adjustment tool- allows to adjust function to the carpet’s width.
  • The carpet feed hold function – allows to clean the fringes and very dirty spots.
  • The water recirculation. 60% of water after filtration is consumed in the process of re-brushing of the carpet.
  • High quality and durability of the materials used ensures reliable operation
  • Lifetime brushes – to 25,000 carpets
  • Set up water recycling filters with the deliver

Required installations:

  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Sewage
  • Pressed air


Technical characterisiticsRE-3004 Simple
Number of brushes4
Maximum working width (m)3,2
Productivity (m2/hour)40
Average washing time (min.)6
Water usage (litters/m2)24
Electricity usage (kWh/m2)0,075
Detergent consumption (litters/m2)0,03
Power supply (kW)3
Brush rotation speed (r.p.m.)0-300
Number of shampoo pumps1
Water tank (recirculation)YES
Water filter (recirculation)YES
Touch control panelYES
Water connection1/2"
Carpet speed (m/min.)0,2 - 1
Voltage (V)230 or 400
Dimensions LxWxH (m)3,98 x 1,15 x 1,57
Weight (kg)650
Materialstainless steel INOX-AINSI-304