Automatic rug and carpet centrifuge wringing machine CE-300 SIMPLE

There are the major characteristics of CE-300 SIMPLE:

  • quick and comfortable door opening/closing,
  • durable suspension system,
  • seamless stainless tube and drum,
  • very durable bearings (do not require daily greasing).


Automatic rug and carpet centrifuge wringing machine CE-300 SIMPLE allows to remove quickly the water remaining in the carpet after the washing process.

Removal of the water significantly reduces the time of a drying the carpet. Spinning a carpet will eliminate problems with discolour of fringes, which occurs during dripping the water. In addition, usage of spin drainers reduces the risk of deformation of the carpet upon drying, as the centrifuged carpet is lighter and does not deform.

Carpet spin cycle looks as follows. After placing the carpet in a machine, the drum’s door is closed in a very comfortable way by a single press of a button. After that, the drum starts to rotate slowly. This allows the carpet to develop and adapt to the shape of the drum. Additionally, this prevents damage to the carpet.

In the next step the speed of a drum increases. After a short time it reaches the maximum. Then, the drum slows down to stop for a while. In a final phase carpet is rolled. Single sound informs an operator that cycle is finished.

Centrifuges are essential rug wringing machines as a start in the carpet laundry business.


  • Free standing
  • Drum’s material – seamless stainless tube,
  • Structure’s material – seamless stainless tube,
  • Structure mounted on the high quality springs eliminating efficiently vibration. It is not necessary to pump tires,
  • Switching off – automatically, after 3 minutes (programmable length of the spin,)
  • Extending the run time – special function for carpets with long hair (shaggy carpet type.) When you press the START button, the spin cycle is extended by an extra minute.
  • Opening centrifuge’s door by using the knob (without cranking and wrestling,)
  • Emergency stop and limit switch,
  • Automatic carpet rolling at the end of the spin cycle,
  • The optimum height of the drum from the ground allows for comfortable carpet loading,
  • High quality and durability of the materials ensures reliable and long-lasting operation,
  • Liveliness of bearings – 2 years, assuming a monthly production of 1500m2,
  • Included with the device – a tool to pull the carpet from the centrifuge.

Required installations:

  • Electricity,
  • Sewage,
  • Pressed air.
Technical characteristicsCE-300 SIMPLE
Wringing speed (r.p.m.)1300
Drum's diameter (cm)30
g factor300
Maximum carpet width (m)3,2
Productivity (carpets/hour)15
Wringing time (min./carpet)3+1
Power supply (kW)3
Voltage (V)400
Dimensions LxWxH (m)3.75 x 1 x 0.90
Weight (kg)350
Materialstainless steel INOX-AINSI-304