NEW! Automatic carpet press extractor machine

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Catinet automatic carpet press extractor machine is a device that provides an alternative to the carpet wringing machine – centrifuge.

The machine allows to squeeze from a carpet the remaining water after rinsing process. The carpet is placed between adjacent rollers coated with a safe material. The effect of draining water from the carpet is comparable with the effect of centrifuge ratio = 300 g.

The advantage of carpet being wringed in that way is that it prevents migration of colours into which often occurs during spinning. In addition, operation of the unit is quiet, devoid of vibration and shock. Depending on the model it is possible to squeeze a carpet with the width of 2,5-5 meters and any length.

The efficacy of the process of pressing the carpet gives best seen result during natural carpet cleaning.

Carpet press extractor does not replace the centrifuge, but supports the work of each professional carpet laundry.

Technical characteristicsPRESS 2,5PRESS 3PRESS 4PRESS 5
Maximum working width (m)2,5345
Voltage (V)3x4003x4003x4003x400
Dimensions (m)3,3 x 1,15 x 1,53,5 x 1,15 x 1,54,5 x 1,15 x 1,55,5 x 1,15 x 1,15
Weight (kg)1075130015301900