Automatic carpet drying rack

Automatic carpet drying rack has been designed in order to optimally use the space for drying carpets in the laundry and to facilitate this activity.

With one button, the carpets are automatically hung at one end of the construction, and after drying they are removed at the other. Rack’s capacity with a standard length of 20m is about 250 rugs. The construction consists of automatically moving steel rods (hangers for carpets). Carpet hangers are placed in a transporting system, installed on a steel structure of the rack mounted to the ground or to be hanged under building structure.

Depending on the room and needs, the carpet drying rack can be equipped with either one or two elevators, with the help of which the carpets are hung on a steel rod. In the case of a rack equipped with one lift – the carpet hung first – the last one is pulled off the rack. In the case of a rack equipped with two elevators – the first one hung from the rack – the first one is pulled off.

Technical dataAutomatic carpet drying rack
Voltage400V, 50Hz
Power supply (kW)1
Maximum construction width (m)4,5
Minimum construction lenght (m)6
Maximum construction lenght (m)21
Maximum rack's hight (m)6
Standard rod's lenght (hanger) (m)4
Hanger's diameter (mm)60
Number of hanger per 1 meter5 at the bottom & 5 at the top
Capacity of drying rack with the lenght of 21m.up to 250 carpets