Multifunctional carpet cleaning machine TOTAL 3in1

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Multifunctional carpet cleaning machine TOTAL 3in1 has 3 basic functions that provide professional carpet cleaning: beating, washing and wringing. The combination of these fundamental functions in one device saves space required for cleaning by 50% compared to the conventional method.


The work is carried out comfortably, as all activities associated with a carpet movement is reduced to a minimum. This increases productivity. The device helps to protect the environment, because it has a water recirculation system which allows you to recover and reuse up to 60% of water. Operation of this device is safe, because the machine is designed in such a way that minimizes leakage of water on the floor. Due to its small size and emitting low noise, machine can be set up, for example, at a shop located on the ground floor of an apartment block or tenement house.


  • Free standing device,
  • Possibility of setting up close to the wall,
  • Possibility of cleaning several carpets at the same time,
  • Proces of carpet beating, washing and wringing performed at the same time,
  • Regulation of carpet speed,
  • Forward/backward carpet feed switch,
  • Regulation of carpet beating frequency (delicate carpets),
  • Function of automatic carpet rolling after washing process (carpet prepared to be put in centrifuge,)
  • Automatic cleaning of water recycling filter,
  • Beated carpet does not have a contact with the sand again,
  • High quality and durability of materials ensures reliable and long-lasting operation.

Required installations:

  • Electrical installation
  • Water supply installation
  • Sewage installation
  • Pressed air installation
Technical characteristicsTOTAL 2.5 DSTOTAL 3.5 DSTOTAL 4.5
Number of brushes 4612
Maximum working width (m)2,53,504,5
Maximum working width of centrifuge (m)34,55,5
Productivity of beating section (m2/hour)206080
Productivity of washing section (m2/hour)206080
Productivity of wringing section (m2/hour)45120120
g factor300300300
Average time of cleaning process (carpet 4 m2) 6 min.2 min.2 min.
Water usage (l./m2)252121
Electricity usage (kWh/m2)0,250,120,13
Power supply (kW)101416
Number of shampoo pumps222
Speed of brush rotation (r.p.m.)0-3000-3000-300
Automatic carpet rolling up-YESYES
Water tank (recirculation)YESYESYES
Water filter (recirculation)YESYESYES
Touch control panelYESYESYES
Water supply½”¾”¾”
Carpet combing function-YESYES
Speed of carpet (m/min.)0,2 – 10,5 - 20,5 - 2
Voltage (V)400400400
Dimensions LxWxH (m)3,7 x 1,25 x 1,75,1 x 2,35 x 2,15,6 x 2,35 x 2,1
Weight (kg)155026502800
Materialstainless steel INOX-AINSI-304stainless steel INOX-AINSI-304stainless steel INOX-AINSI-304