Rug and carpet dust remover machines

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Rug and carpet dust remover machines remove dust, sand and other loose obstacles remaining deeply in a carpet. The removal of dust and other impurities is a key element of the carpet washing process.

Rotary horizontal cylinders cause vibration. They extract outstanding dust and other impurities, which are removed by a powerful suction system. Beacuse the impact on the carpet is adapted, machine removes impurities even from very delicate carpets. After the completion of the entire process of beating, the machine automatically rolls up the carpet.

Automatic dust remover machines allow to perform tedious operation on a small surface. This type of a carpet cleaning machine provides high-quality beating level of a carpet with any length.


  • Free standing,
  • Possibility of setting up next to the wall,
  • Carpet beating of several carpets at the same time,
  • Carpet speed regulation,
  • Forward/backward carpet feed,
  • Regulation of carpet beating frequency (delicate carpets),
  • Automatic carpet rolling (a carpet does 'not escape’ on the floor),
  • Beated carpet does not have a contact with sand again,
  • High power extractor eliminates dust and sand. This eliminates the need for frequent cleaning of the trough,
  • High quality and durability of materials ensures reliable and long operation.

Required installations:

  • Electrical installation
Technical characteristicsPO-322PO-422
Maximum carpet width (m)3,24,2
Frequency of vibrations (r.p.m.)max. 900max. 900
Regulated carpet speed (m/min.)0,25 – 1,40,25 – 1,4
The flow of air (suction)30 m3/min.30 m3/min.
Capacity of dust container50 liters50 liters
Automatic filter cleaningYESYES
Power supply (kW)3,753,75
Voltage (V)400400
Vibrator dimensions LxWxH (m)3,5 x 0,95 x 1,24,5 x 0,95 x 1,2
Filter dimensions LxWxH (m)0,8 x 0,77 x 2,460,8 x 0,77 x 2,46
Vibrator's weight (kg)700800
Filter's weight (kg)422422
Vibrator's materialstainless steel INOX-AINSI-304stainless steel INOX-AINSI-304